Lyndsey Munoz – Women’s Goalie

"I aim to push athletes to reach their potential on the field, while also teaching aspects of wellness that lead to success on and off of it like sleep, nutrition, hydration, and stress management."

Lyndsey Munoz is a A former club director, high school coach, Stanford University goalie (‘14) and current DI volunteer assistant and certified strength and conditioning coach, Lyndsey Munoz is paving the path for players to achieve their goals while optimizing well-being along the way. She Completed career second all-time among goalies at Stanford in games played, minutes,  fourth in saves, and seventh in goals-against average earning a Tewarraton Watchlist just her sophomore year. She is the founder of LM Lax Training, founded to help goalies succeed on and off the field. She is a former Ohio State Coach.

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