The Lesson That Changed My Lacrosse Career

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Players Always Tell Me How Much They Train Their Lacrosse Skill. But When It Comes To Game-day, They let their nerves get the best of them. You could be missing one crucial component of training.

Something is Missing.

Players always tell me how much they train their lacrosse skill, but when it comes to the games, they fold up. They tell me they let their anxiety get the most of the them. They are afraid to fail.

No matter how many wall ball reps they take, they cannot catch a ball in the eight. No matter how many shots they take at home, they can’t score. Players don’t understand how to apply their training they do on gameday.

This was a problem I had in college as well. I would train more than any of my teammates I would be on the wall an hour a day, shoot 250 shots daily, sprint until I couldn't feel my legs, eat the cleanest I could. And yet, it still wasn't enough.

the results on gameday were minimal. A goal or two here or there, some nice ground balls, but still, I was not dominating. The game seemed to come so much easier to my teammates.

For all of the hard work I was putting in, day in and day out, I was frustrated. During practice I felt on the top of my game. But during game day, I just didn’t know how to get passed my nerves.

It turns out, I was missing something from my training. I wasn't training my mind.

Did you KNOW?

Studies have proven that mental training will not only enhance performance & improve productivity, but also add to your enjoyment. Whatever your age, whatever your game, You can learn:
- how to stay focused
- How to deal With adversity
- How to Stay Motivated during difficult times

No, It's Really TRUE!

I will give you a little story to prove it. There were three Groups of college basketball players. Doctors Performed a study on them, And for 3 months:
- Group 1 - Shot free throws for an hour each day.
- Group 2 - spent an hour each day thinking about shooting free throws.
- Group 3 - spent 30 minutes a day shooting free throws and spent 30 minutes visualizing the ball going through the hoop from the foul line.

Can you guess what group, at the end of the study, improved its free throw shooting the most?

If you guessed the 3rd group, you are right.

The Imagery Had As Much An Impact On Accuracy As Physically Shooting Baskets Did. ​

We are Here To Help!

Sport psychology is the science of success. Studies show that within a group of athletes of equal ability, those who receive mental training outperform those who don’t… almost every time.

We have built the Train Your Brain Blog to show our lacrosse players how powerful training the mind is in achieving optimal performance.

Think of it as your own “Mind Fitness Center.” We will bring you DAILY brain trainings, motivation, mental media, and tools that we were given in college to help you OPTIMIZE your lacrosse play and kill the game.

Remember this, HARD WORK IS NOT INCLUDED, in anything we provide here on Lax Ops.

If you have a dream, YOU, and only YOU, can make it happen. We have built this platform to serve as the ultimate training resource for you in your lacrosse journey.

Athlete’s are bred, not born - we are ready to help you get there, are you?



The Measure Of Our Success Will Be The Condition On Which We Leave The Game For The Next Generation. Our mission is to inspire the serious, young, & Motivated athlete to believe in & work for Their dreams.

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